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Martyn (Maxmansung)
Original creator of the company and designer of all the games until 2018
Favourite Games
  • Arcanum
  • Dungeon Keeper
  • Die2nite
Could really do with an Artist
Favourite Games
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
More Staff
Curently in need of some help...
Favourite Games
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Die2nite & SotA
All of the people in SotA and the Die2Nite game that supported and continue to support the ongoing development of Arctic Lands
ChoiceScript Community
All of those in the Choicescript community forums that suppoted the development of The Followers and encouraged me to keep working at it. And are still encouraging even after I've given up.


27th Nov 2018
New Website
Welcome to the newly created website for Frozen Code Games.

Though we (I) have been making games for a few years now, we've not had a central portfolio of our best work. Please feel free to contact our new email inbox with any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you and answer what we can

Today is also a big day as it's my first public release of a game on an active marketplace. Although Final Judgement is only a small step into the world of app development, its publication is a big step in our progress towards becoming a recognised development company.

Hopefully there will be many bigger things to come in the future

Frozen Code Games
Updated 2018